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Restorative and Healing Tactics, edited by mario lemafa and Matthew Offenbacher

Sara Siestreem: “Continuum”, Dåkot-ta Alcantara-Camacho: “Offering on Masculinity”, mario lemafa: “Editor’s Note”, E.T. Russian: “Prescriptions”, Shaw Osha: “Dear Grandaddy” and Amanda Hashagen: “Art for All”.

Conceived as part of festival:festival, a free two-day art festival focusing on Seattle artists and practices that engage with intersectional structures and identities organized by Juan Franco and Carl Lawrence.

With pictures of sculptures by Esmeralda Hernandez, Rebecca Bell, Charlie White, Camille Jassny, Shalease Anderson and Terry Blankenship. August 2018, #15. Five double-sided legal-size pages, black ink on white paper, 600 copies.

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