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======Board of Trustees====== ====Current==== {{:sam_board_list_2014-2015final.jpg|}} ---- ====1970-71==== **Officers 1970-71** M.J. Alhadeff //President//, Mrs. Bagley Wright //Vice-President//, Mrs. Peter Rawn //Secretary//, Robbert Dootson //Treasurer//, **Committees** Mrs. Michael R. Johnson //Arrangements//, Mrs. Sidney Gerber //Exhibitions//, Mrs. Bagley Wright //Membership//, John S. Denman //Nominations//, Mrs. Sheffield Phelps //Publicity//, Joanna Eckstein //Tours//, Albert S. Kerry, Langdon S. Simmons, Jr. //United Arts Club//, Mrs. David E. Skinner //Ways and Means// **Members** Bassetti, Fred; Calderhead, William F.; Caner, Mrs. John E.; Friendlander, Mrs. Paul S.; Gurvich, Mrs. Max; Hendersen, Dan; Lang, Mrs. Richard E.; Lobb, Dr. Allan; Kirk, Paul H.; McCarthy, Mrs. Joseph; Monsen, Dr. R Joseph; Mueller, Anton; Nordstrom Mrs. Lloyd; Owen, Mrs. Thomas; Perthou, Mrs. Alfred V.; Rubinstein, Sam; Schluger, Dr. Saul; Stimson, Mrs. David; Wagner, Mrs. Corydon; Weinstein, Max; Wright, Mrs. Howard S. ---- ====1908-1934==== **Officers 1908-34** {{:1908_1934_officers01.jpg?direct&200 |}} {{:1908_1934_officers02.jpg?direct&200 |}} {{:1908_1934_officers03.jpg?direct&200 |}} {{:1908_1934_officers04.jpg?direct&200 |}} {{:1908_1934_officers05.jpg?direct&200 |}} {{:1908_1934_officers06.jpg?direct&200 |}} {{:1908_1934_officers07.jpg?direct&200 |}} ---- ====1970s Documents==== **Report of the President and Director (1971 Annual Report)** The major achievements of 1971 lay primarily in the areas of special exhibitions and in the initial efforts toward financial and administrative restructuring. Many varied exhibitions at both the Museum and Pavilion provided one of the most exciting years in the Museum's History. However, when combined with rising costs in all areas, they contributed to an increasingly major deficit. Therefore, the Board of Trustees has expressed a desire to more fully assume responsibility for the Museum's financial stability. With the realization that our operating expenses have increased by more than fifty percent in the past four years alone, and may accelerate in the future, a Special Committee was formed as an outgrowth of the Long Range Planning Committee. Charged with examination of the Museum's financial needs and proposals for their solution, the Committee recommended establishment of the position of Business Coordinator, whose first responsibility was to prepare a detailed survey of our financial resources and requirements. Completion of the survey and reorganization of the accounting systems has revealed a deficit in excess of $22,600 and anticipation of annual deficit increases of as much as $40,000 (or about 15% of annual operating costs) at the present rate of income. The survey also revealed the need for changes of financial organization which will afford some additional income, and the desirability of changing our fiscal year from the calendar year to one which more closely corresponds to our seasonal activities. Consequently, the Trustees have changed the fiscal year to one beginning July 1 and ending June 30, effective in 1972. As a result of this decision, the next annual report will include the eighteen month period from January 1, 1972 through June 30, 1973. It is expected that a more detailed understanding of the Museum's budget will permit the Trustees to plan effectively to meet operational needs. **Report of the Acting Director (1973 Annual Report)** The responsibilities of leadership of the Museum have been accepted by its newly elected President John H. Hauberg, formerly Vice President, and the other members of the Board of Trustees. During 1972 and 1973 a Special Committee of the Board appointed by Dr. Fuller continued their study of the Museum's organizational, fiscal and programmatic needs ... Recognizing that the effective operation and growth of the Museum relies upon sufficient financial support, the Board authorized a development survey, made possible through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, Washington D.C. The survey by a nationally prominent firm specializing in the museum field, was completed in 1972 and the recommendations were establishment of a permanent Development Office, broad-based program for increasing public support and dramatic increase of museum membership. The Development Office was established in July of 1973 and a generous grant from PONCHO will fund its operations during the first year. Late in 1972, Dr. Fuller appointed an ad hoc By-laws Review Committee of the Board to study and revise the Museum's By-laws to meet new circumstances and the requirements of the Museum for the future. Chaired by Board Secretary Willard J. Wright, the Committee revised the By-laws to provide an effective organizational structure within the Board, broadening Trustee involvement in setting policy for the Museum and clearly defining the responsibilities of the Board, Director and Staff. The revised By-laws were adopted at the February 22, 1973 Annual Meeting of the Membership. An important provision was for the enlargement of the Board from twenty-four to thirty-nine to allow participation and guidance of the Museum by a broader segment of the community. The newly established Planning Committee , chaired by Vice President Langdon Simons Jr., immediately embarked upon a careful assessment of the resources and requirements of the Museum both in the present and for the future. The Committee's deliberations produced the //Statement of Direction// which was presented at the October 3 Annual Meeting of the Membership. While recognizing that its conclusions will warrant periodic review, the document sets forth a summary of responsibilities, the requirements, the goals and the "style" of the Museum as seen by the board. Among its fundamental conclusions are that the Museum must be the preeminent regional resource for the visual arts, must serve a diversity of tastes, must achieve radically increased physical space in which to display now largely hidden collections and provide essential services and programs. The Board of Trustees has been enlarged to accommodate members who have had a great interest in the Seattle Art Museum and who brings to its leadership a wide variety of talents. Collectors of art, artists, educators, long time Guild members, and youth all come to mind as planned auditions. There will be others with a similar interest in the Museum and representing different viewpoints in due time, although it's not the present intention to have a group as large as our By-laws permit, which is sixty. Sources: Annual Reports from Seattle Art Museum Library ====1980s Documents==== **Trustee Elections** There was a period in the late 80s, early 90s when it appears SAM was holding annual members meetings where the membership voted to elect the Board of Trustees for three year terms. Notices such as the following were included in the member newsletter. <WRAP center square box 80%> **Notice of Annual Meeting** **of Seattle Art Museum Members** **1989-1990** Tuesday, October 23, 1990 4:30 p.m. Volunteer Park Auditorium You are cordially invited to the annual meeting of the Seattle Art Museum for the following purposes: * Annual presentation on the operation and activities of the museum. * Elect Trustees for the three-year period ending November 1993 * Consider any other business which shall come before the meeting. If you **cannot** attend the meeting, please sign and return the proxy below. If you **will** be able to attend, please return the RSVP. Dated this 1st day of August, 1990 [signed] P. Cameron Vore, Secretary, Board of Trustees **Agenda** - Call to Order - C. Calvert Knudsen - President's Report - Virgina Wright - Treasurer's Report - David Maryatt - New Museum Report - David C. Hoedemaker - Director's Report - Jay Gates - Election of Trustees - Ratification of Acts of Trustees - P. Cameron DeVore - Other Business - Adjournment </WRAP>