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===== Extracts from the articles of Incorporation of the Seattle Fine Arts Society ===== Published in mid-1930s, dating from 1920(?) ARTICLE I The corporate name of this corporation shall be "The Seattle Fine Arts Society." ARTICLE II This corporation shall not have any capital stock. Membership in it shall not be transferable, and shall be only for the life of each member or until his membership shall be otherwise terminated, according to its by-laws, which shall prescribe the classes of membership, the privileges of the different classes of membership, the condition thereof, and the causes and conditions of terminating membership in said corporation. ARTICLE III The purposes and objects for which this corporation is formed are: To promote and cultivate the Fine Arts, and to that end to maintain in the city of Seattle, art rooms of buildings, art library and art instruction; to acquire works of art and exhibit paintings and sculptures, and other works of art; to provide lectures and generally to foster art in all its branches. ARTICLE VI The officers who shall manage the affairs of the corporation shall be: A Board of Directors and a President, a First Vice-President, a Second Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Such officers shall, with the exception of the board of directors, be elected annually for a term of one year. The Board of Directors shall be elected for a term of three years; at the firs election three members shall be chosen for one three; three for two years and three for three years. The election of directors shall be held annually.