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====== Volunteering at SAM ====== "SAM involves hundreds of volunteers in dynamic and engaging opportunities at all three museum sites. Our volunteers provide great customer service, support administrative tasks, facilitate art experiences, and more. Prospective volunteers should be passionate about art, enjoy interacting with the public, and able to make at least a six-month commitment to a weekly or every-other-week schedule. Required orientation provided by SAM." - From SAM website. [[]] Volunteer Positions Include: * Ambassador @ Olympic Sculpture Park * Art Studio Assistant @ all three locations * Coat Check @ Seattle Art Museum * Docent Program @ all three locations * Event Support @ all three locations * Information Desk @ all three locations * Libraries @ Seattle Art Museum & Asian Art Museum * Park Steward @ Olympic Sculpture Park * SAMbassador @ Seattle Art Museum * SAM Gallery @ Seattle Art Museum * Teen, Family & Community Programs @ all three locations * Visitor Services @ all three locations