Closed Fist Open Hand
Thirty essays about Jeffry Mitchell’s work
Edited by Dan Webb and Matthew Offenbacher
With an introduction by Whiting Tennis and contributions from:

Dawn Cerny, Claire Cowie, Anne Fenton, Claudia Fitch, Alfred Harris, Victoria Haven, Jenny Heishman, Jason Hirata, Harold Hollingsworth, Ken Kelly, Susie Lee, Amanda Manitach, Saya Moriyasu, Nicholas Nyland, Matthew Offenbacher, Shaw Osha, Joseph Park, Mary Ann Peters, Jessica Powers, Tivon Rice, George Rodriquez, Ginny Ruffner, Anthony Sonnenberg, Maki Tamura, Cappy Thomson, Joey Veltkamp, Patti Warishina, Dan Webb and Claude Zervas.


Since the 1980s, Jeffry Mitchell has exerted a profound influence on artists in our region. We feel that understanding Jeffry and his art cuts a short path to understanding art-making in the Northwest. We have commissioned thirty essays by Seattle artists—each artist tackled a different work by Jeffry, placing it in a specific historical and cultural context. The resulting book is a portrait of an interesting intergenerational group of artists who have chosen to live and work here.

THERE IS SOMETHING about Jeffry’s sculptures and drawings that silences the critical mind.... You could call it naked love, or unembarrassed enthusiasm, but what’s most seductive is the sense that these things flow from a fountain, that the source is bubbling and foaming and boiling over. This alone would easily be enough to explain the popularity of Jeffry’s work, but maybe it goes beyond that—maybe for a fleeting moment, without even knowing it or thinking it, as we are loving this particular artist’s work, we are allowing ourselves to be wooed by all art, and even the idea of art.

—from the introduction by Whiting Tennis

The publication of this book coincides with a major retrospective of Jeffry’s work at the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington. This book will appeal to Jeffry’s numerous fans, art lovers, people interested in Seattle history and culture, as well as those who appreciate fine book design and printing.


Designed by Jayme Yen. Made possible by the generous sponsorship of Carol Bennett, Mike and Cathy Casteel, Charlie Kitchings, Bill and Ruth True, and Merrill Wright. Published by La Norda Specialo, a local independent art press. 144pp. black and white ill., two-color cover, ISBN 978-0-9885031-0-6, $10.00, 7 x 5" softbound.

The first edition is out of print. Email us if you would like to be notified of a second printing.
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